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  • We loved your skincare party tips!

    Last week we asked you to send us your favourite foolproof party season skincare tips and the responses we got were fantastic! Lots of you tweeted in and sent messages to our Facebook page using the hashtag #12DaysofSkincare with your amazing skincare remedies and tips. We wanted to share some of our favourites with you now, along with a few of our own! After our full-on & festive office Christmas party on Tuesday we've all been needing some post-party TLC...

    xmas party Our Christmas party at Amuse Bouche in Fulham was fantastic! However late nights and alcohol can cause tired, dull skin the next day...

    Clare on Twitter had such an important tip - remove all your make up before going to bed! It might sound obvious but it's quite incredible how dull and flaky your skin can look the morning after if you leave make-up on. Nights out pretty much always constitute a little more foundation or concealer which can clog the pores and cause congestion especially on the forehead. Use a gentle but quick cleanser like the Miracle Cleanser and you'll see a huge difference in your skin after a festive party.

    cropped Cleanse every night, especially if you're wearing make-up on your big night out!

    Lola on Facebook has a fabulous cure for congested, tired skin that needs a hit of natural hydration. She mixes honey and lemon to form an effective face mask that exfoliates with the fruit acid, and hydrates and soothes with the natural healing benefits of the honey. We loved this take on a staple skincare product, as exfoliation is an integral part of your skincare routine - especially after a night out! Revealing silky-soft, radiant skin with an enzymatic mask like our Refine & Polish Miracle Balm or Lola's homemade idea will help you to glow, even if you're a little under the weather.

    Gorgeous natural products work wonders in skincare Gorgeous natural products work wonders in skincare

    Our favourite post-party skincare tip came from Michelle on Facebook who mixes up her own facial tonic to spritz on her skin as a pick me up throughout the day. Michelle blends strong tea, chills it right down until ice cold and mixes with a couple of drops of peppermint oil. The revitalising effects of the mint and the antioxidant-rich tea help to add a nourished glow to the skin. Using a cooling facial spritz throughout the day after your big night out will help to alleviate the tightness that can occur after a long night of merriment.

    We hope you enjoy the festive season and all the parties that come along with it, and that you'll see the benefits from some of our tips and tricks!


  • Have no fear, our Christmas Wishlists are here!

    Gifts of time and love are the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas and with Santa Clause only visiting once a year, we appreciate how important it is to get our Christmas Wishlists just perfect. If you are looking for some gift inspiration, we thought we would share with you what the team at Aurelia Probiotic Skincare are hoping to receive under the tree this year, as well as a special gift we are giving to a loved one.

    Claire Vero - Founder
    I have lusted after this newly discovered Thela Nlack monogrammed bag by Meli Melo crafted from beautiful Italian saffiano leather and finished with gold hardware. It looks very cool indeed!CV bag


    These amazing carved wooden Bosworth FINLAY & Co sunglasses for Archie my cat. I am not sure he will use them though so I wonder who will!

    CV glasses
    Hannah Marsh - Marketing & Digital DirectorHM bracelet

    This Christmas I am hoping for this beautiful gold bracelet by London designer Lisa King. Lisa's unique style is instantly recognisable and is richly researched with strong influences from her Thai and Indonesian background. I love the delicate design and her sometimes slightly cheeky marketing!



    HM scarf



    My sister has two very young boys who I absolutely adore but it also means that her gifts often have to be somewhat practical! However I think practicality doesn't mean you need to compromise on luxury and I have my eye on this beautiful scarf by Beulah London whose dresses and passion for positive social change is favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge - if it is good enough for Kate then is it good enough for my (very tired) sister!


    Anna Lewin - PR Director

    AL braceletHaving had my engagement and wedding rings made by the very talented team at Originals Jewellers & Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire, I would love anything silver & sparkly from them for Christmas this year!



    I am going to be giving my two daughters Lottie & Coco a personalised illustrated map of their family from JennyCrayon; they are absolutely gorgeous and a really fun way of teaching them who their family are and where in the world they live.

    AL map
    Jess Harms - Account Director

    I recently disposed of my battered old radio - I was secretly delighted that it had given up the ghost as I have been coveting a ROBERTS Revival RD60 DAB Digital Radio for a long time. I'd love the duck egg blue but it won't go that well in my kitchen so I'm hoping for the pastel cream colour.

    JH radio

    It's so hard to find something my parents will really love and treasure so I've been working on a photo book of our wedding day from They have been asking for copies of the pictures for four years so I'm pretty sure they will be pleased! Designing it has been long and laborious - I've spent hours and hours getting it just right, but they have been an amazing support this year so they totally deserve it.

    JH book

    Antonia Knox - Training & Brand ManagerAK bangle

    I am totally in love with the Alex Monroe jewellery collection; the delicate, nature-inspired designs and textured gold he uses are simply beautiful. I have my eye on the stunning ‘Twisted String Bangle’ for its realistic golden string design and fine composition. Or course, the bangle would go beautifully with my Alex Monroe posy ring, which has a similar twisted loop and tiny flowers so it looks like an absolute must for me!



    My boyfriend Josh is a keen adventurer and DIY aficionado and is always fixing things, large or small. I wanted to get him a special, but also extremely practical, gift. The Leatherman Wave Multi Tool is made up of 17 full size tools and is the international best seller so it should withstand even the toughest jobs! For an extra special touch I am going to get his name laser engraved on the handle so he can’t lose it on his travels.

    AK leatherman

    Clare Fisher - Retail Analyst
    On my list, a simple jewellery box to tidy away my everyday pieces away from the hands of my two toddlers, who love all things shiny and beaded!

    CF box

    For someone special, a treat for my husband and I to escape the Christmas mayhem. Our local, awarding winning restaurant The Harrow at Little Bedwyn.

    CF resto

    Emily Mackenzie - Retail Operations Assistant

    For Christmas I would love the Louis Vuitton Alma PM shiny Monogram Vernis leather handbag. I am hoping Father Christmas will heed my wish (as I don't think anyone else will!!!!)

    EM bagFor my lovely friend Olivia, I would like to treat her to a fabulous dinner at Sushi Samba. After making it through a tough 6 months she deserves to be spoilt rotten with the most amazing sushi, cocktails and views of London!!

    EM sushi

    Louisa Gayford - Intern

    For Christmas I am hoping for these gorgeous silk pyjamas from the white company -they feel so luxurious against the skin!

    LG pjs

    For someone special I have chosen to buy my Dad tickets to the Fleetwood Mac concert in May - he is a mad fan! Buying tickets for us both will allow us to share a fun experience together and I have no doubt it will make a fun night out.

    LG FWM

    Victoria Lorkin - Operations Director

    My husband is buying me a fabulous personalised Noble Macmillan diary with my initials engraved on it in gold. He bought one for me last year and I just love the format & size- it helps keeps me organised!

    VL diary

    For my sister, I’m buying a Jenny Packham limited edition Real Luxury candle from Neom- the scent is divine and it will look gorgeous in her bathroom.

    Vl cande

  • Win a signed copy of Sali Hughes' 'Pretty Honest' and our featured Miracle Cleanser!

    To celebrate day 10 of our #12DaysofSkincare we are offering you the chance to win a signed copy of the bestselling beauty companion from Sali Hughes. Pretty Honest pulls together all of the much needed beauty advice, tips and industry secrets from renowned beauty addict and writer Sali as she imparts her beauty wisdom in a comprehensive companion.

    PrettyHonestAlso included in the prize is our gorgeous Miracle Cleanser, an award-winning, cult classic that removes all make-up and daily impurities while leaving your skin soft, hydrated, soothed and supple. Using a cream based cleanser instead of a foaming or oil base will help to rebalance your skin, something that Sali recommends in her new book! Our Miracle Cleanser has been designed to be removed with our soft bamboo muslin cloths which are naturally antibacterial, silky and surprisingly strong. Buffing the cleanser off with our bamboo muslin will reveal bright, radiant skin leaving absolutely no greasy residue.

    cropeedTo enter today's fantastic competition simply send us in your top skincare party tips for the festive season. Tweet, Facebook or Instagram us your favourite tip for party skin using the hashtag #12DaysofSkincare and tagging @AureliaSkincare. Our favourite skincare secret will be chosen on Friday 12th December, so get sending!


  • Liberty of London sets sail for another year!

    What an end to a magical series! We’ve absolutely loved every episode brought to us by Liberty; London’s most iconic and fabulous department store. This week we began feeling festive as the staff gear up to the Christmas season - our favourite time of year. With preparations beginning in July, Ed Burstell was determined to create Liberty’s most successful Christmas yet!

    Liz, head of visual had big ideas for the window displays  but not only did she have to impress the public but also Ed and the rest of the team. With massive expectations, this is not easy. This year she wanted to play off the heritage of the building which was constructed from the timbers of two ships. Taking direct reference and inspiration from the store itself, the theme for the windows; ‘the store that launched a thousand gifts’ came from the idea that the store's founder, Sir Arthur Liberty, travelled the globe to bring unique and exquisite products to Liberty. Meanwhile inside the store Liz organised a huge ship’s mast to be lifted into the Liberty atrium, a process that went on through the night but proved to be a massive success with Managing Director Ed.

    The impressive mast and sails in place in the iconic Liberty atrium as featured in the final episode The impressive mast and sails in place in the iconic Liberty atrium as featured in the final episode

    Meanwhile across the store we saw the eccentricity and magic continue. This week we were given access to the VIP section - the area where the stars and celebrities are ushered away with the freedom to try on as much as they like, while indulging in a glass of champagne or two. Stelios, king of vintage couture on the second floor continued to steal the show and appeared to have no problem with coaxing money from his customers! But Stelios has bigger plans this week and pitched his idea to Ed and the team. He wanted to host a handbag exhibition focusing on Hermes and managed to track down the first ever Birkin bag, made for Jane Birkin. Hugely excited by these ideas the team headed to Paris where they found themselves drowning in beautiful leather goods including the very special original bag itself.

    The original Birkin bag made ofr Jane Birkin by Hermes and photographed by the Liberty team! The original Birkin bag made for Jane Birkin by Hermes and photographed by the Liberty team!

    With the build up to Christmas under way, the store recruited a number of Christmas staff to help transform the department into a magical Christmas world. The baubles arrived and with 175 000 units in total to be hung, the staff were working through the night to get the department ready. Having overcome a till disaster the store could finally open and the festive season officially began! We have loved every exciting instalment from Liberty of London this year and cannot think of a better way to get into the festive spirit. Keep an eye out for our 12 Days of Skincare to see how we are getting ready for the festive holiday and for your chance to win some fabulous Christmas gifts from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare.


  • Professional Skincare Secrets with Lead Facialist Rhian Truman: Massage At Home

    Over the coming months Rhian Truman, Lead Facialist for Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, will be sharing her top tips and fascinating skincare secrets in a new series of articles called "Professional Skincare Secrets". Her second blog in the series gives an insight into the wonders of at-home facial massage and some top tips for glowing skin!

    rhian croppedWhen I’m performing facials for my clients I take pleasure in each step, knowing how every detail contributes to perfect results. One stage that has particular importance is facial massage. I’ve been discovering lots of new technology and devices which help to achieve great results but as cutting-edge as these may be, you can never underestimate the power of a pair of hands!

    Manual massage is blissfully relaxing and so incredibly satisfying. Even as little as five minutes provides instant results. We can all agree on how pampering and peaceful massage is, but the effects go way beyond relaxation. Massage stimulates the circulation and increases lymphatic flow creating a beautiful healthy glow to the skin. The movement oxygenates skin tissues helping to plump the skin and reduce fine lines. If you suffer with sinus problems massage will help to ease any congestion and reduce any puffy areas.

    Working with a deeper pressure enables you to ease muscular tension, this will help to re-educate and tone the muscles. Facial massage helps our lymphatic system to detoxify the skin, helping eliminate any spots or patches of congested skin.

    Believe it or not these are only a few of the benefits of facial massaging! Read on for tips on how to perform beneficial facial massage…

    Between visits to your beauty therapist, you can help the upkeep of your skin by practicing facial massage movements. They may seem complicated and look hard to grasp, but with time you’ll be a pro!
    Our Cell Repair Night Oil is the perfect massage medium for you to use at home as it glides beautifully, smells divine and will result in a gorgeous dewy glow. To achieve outstanding results you only need the most basic movements. Whether you're using your thumbs, knuckles, fingers or palms, get creative and do what feels most natural.

    cropped dropperYour knuckles are perfect for working around the jawline - some of us grind our teeth and hold a lot of tension there. For the delicate skin around the eyes use your fingertips to massage with a lighter pressure. If you struggle with sinus problems use your thumbs and follow under the cheekbones relieving blocked pressure.

    You can’t really go wrong, the only rule you must follow is to always make sure your movements are in an outward motion. We want to work with the lymphatic system, so outward movements will help to drain the toxins to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes then disperse, filter and break down toxins allowing your body to eliminate harmful substances.

    Get experimental and encourage your friends or partners to perform a facial massage on you. This can make it feel even more spa-like and therapeutic!
    The beauty of facial massage is that you can do it as much as you like. See how positively your skin changes and you will be addicted.

    Get those hands in motion. Enjoy!

    Rhian x

    To book your Repair & Rebalance Discovery Facial with Rhian please call our counter manager Vivian on 0207 734 1234 ext. 2190. A booking fee of £50 will be taken to secure your booking which is fully redeemable when you purchase two or more Aurelia Probiotic Skincare products.

  • Liberty brings Morocco to London

    Liberty of London returned to our screens again on Wednesday evening with more behind the scene action from our favourite iconic department store. This week Liberty of London took us to the store’s carpet castle, headed by old-school carpet emporium guru Bruce. The Oriental Rugs department is home to Liberty’s collection of exquisite and rare rugs. Bruce, Liberty’s carpet connoisseur appreciates more than anyone that the finest quality does not simply come to you, it has to be discovered. Bruce seeks out each rug in his department personally and is a dedicated buyer who finds himself somewhat off the beaten track. This week we see him take a trip to the bazaars of Morocco where he finds himself in a carpet warehouse. However finding the prize carpet is not the only challenge. With a lack of price tags on any of the carpets Bruce must begin his bartering battle. Back home with concerns over the 4th floor set up, Ed sent Head of Visual Liz in to try and make some changes.  Liberty carpets

    Meanwhile back in London Ed is targeting the Chinese market. It is October's golden week for the Chinese and this means two things - they want to travel and spend and Ed has every intention of capitalising on this opportunity. Despite hiring a Chinese interpreter to assist him by taking tours around the shop in the hope to increase sales, the Chinese have eyes for only one thing; Burberry. Disregarding the unique and extraordinary high quality goods Liberty London is home to, they bee-line for the Burberry section and somewhat unimpressed leave mostly empty handed. The show continued and we saw Emma and Keigly embark on a ‘secret garden’ journey to create a fabulous new range of furnishing flowers. Their secret garden collection encompassed exquisite floral prints and it was no surprise to see the editors highly impressed with their work.

    Another fantastic episode from London’s most iconic department store and we are already excited to see what the grand finale next week has planned for us. With Christmas well under way we cannot wait to see how the Liberty preparations are unravelling. Join us on the sofa again next Wednesday at 9pm on Channel for and don't forget, our competition ‘A Glimpse of Aurelia’ continues. We are giving the first 3 viewers who tweet in a ‘glimpse’ of Aurelia their choice of an Aurelia Probiotic Skincare prize. So keep an eye out for our gorgeous Aurelia boxes, pause your TV and tweet in a screen shot tagging #ISPOTTEDAURELIA, @AureliaSkincare and #LibertyofLondon for your chance to win! Visit our counter in Liberty and say hello to our new manager Vivian who would be delighted to introduce you to Aurelia Probiotic Skincare.

  • On the First Day of Christmas Aurelia Gave to Me...

    12days of xmas

    2014 has been an incredible second year for Claire and the team - from our first counter in Liberty's, rolling out in Space NK and taking our beauty award wins to 24. On a personal note there have been 4 babies, two engagements and by Christmas a wedding!

    Over the next few weeks we are celebrating with our very own version of the '12 Days of Christmas'. Each day from the 1st to the 12th of December we will be looking back over the past year and sharing a festive theme or exclusive offer with you. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest using the hashtag #12DaysofSkincare

    For the 1st Day of Christmas Aurelia gave to me...... a £10 voucher for use in January when you spend over £80 online with us from December 1st until December 12th!  Merry Christmas x

    xmas range

  • Congratulations to our Operations Assistant Zoe!

    We are delighted to announce that Zoe McGinn, our Operations Assistant, has given birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl. On November 14th 2014 Chloe Jane McGinn was born, weighing 8lbs 6 oz.

    All of the Aurelia Probiotic Skincare team wish Zoe and her husband Oliver all the best at this special time with their first baby. None of us can wait to meet the little one!

    Operations Asst. Zoe with her baby girl Chloexx

  • More from Liberty of London!

    Wednesday evening brought us another fantastic episode of Liberty of London. Our favourite department store graced our screens again with even more behind the scenes action and eccentricity. Focusing this week on the business of fashion, Liberty of London took us to New York for some Fashion Week excitement. Ed Burstell led the Liberty team back to his home city to attend a whirlwind of fashion shows and mingle with top designers. It was a busy trip for the team however Ed did not leave without visiting the one and only Bergdorf Goodman, the luxury goods department store where his retail journey all began.

    Meanwhile back in London, the infamous Vogue Fashion Night Out brings Liberty a whirlwind of excitement. Louis is under pressure to put on a fabulous event in store to attract a younger crowd and pull in the next generation of Liberty buyers. Despite technical difficulties and worries that people may become lost in having too good a time, Liberty as always put on a fantastic evening leaving customers thrilled and thoroughly entertained.

    liberty 2_1With her wedding only three weeks away it was no surprise that Liberty had the perfect dress for Kate. Stelios, the king of vintage, with an unrivalled knowledge of all things couture, saved the day and transformed an oversized vintage piece into a stunning fitted wedding dress for Kate teamed with twinkling tiara for the pièce de résistance. But the fabulous, statement pieces did not stop there, later on in the show, rock 'n' roll shoe designer Terry de Havilland’s fabulous range, using Liberty’s gorgeous prints, was revealed.

    Terry de Havilland in his London studio with shoesIt was another fantastic episode from London’s most iconic department store and we are already excited to see what next week has planned for us. Join us on the sofa again next Wednesday at 9pm on Channel for and don't forget, our competition ‘A Glimpse of Aurelia’ continues. We are giving the first 3 viewers who tweet in a ‘glimpse’ of Aurelia their choice of an Aurelia Probiotic Skincare prize. So keep an eye out for our gorgeous Aurelia boxes, pause your TV and tweet in a screen shot tagging #ISPOTTEDAURELIA, @AureliaSkincare and #LibertyofLondon for your chance to win! Visit our counter in Liberty and say hello to our new manager Vivian who would be delighted to introduce you to Aurelia Probiotic Skincare.


  • Claire Vero wins prestigious beauty award!

    The Aurelia Probiotic Skincare team are leaping with excitement with the news that Claire won the inaugural CEW Digital Achiever Award at last night's 2014 Achiever Awards! The CEW Awards are the equivalent of the Beauty Industry Oscars and Claire was one of only 8 people recognised alongside some of the industry's best known names including Charlotte Tilbury (international make-up artist), Lisa Smosarki (editor of Stylist) and Lifetime Achiever Suzy Menkes (international Vogue Editor).

    Claire attended last night's glamorous event thrilled to be a finalist for the Digital Achiever Award alongside Victor Gibson (Liz Earle Beauty), Steve Miles (Unilever) and Susannah Taylor (Get The Gloss) - so to win was beyond her wildest expectations as people could tell from her somewhat shocked acceptance speech!

    image_BWThe award, in partnership with Google, was judged by an expert panel led by Gayle Tait, Director for Fashion, Luxury and Beauty. The judges chose Claire as they were so impressed with how she had launched Aurelia Probiotic Skincare with only a website and yet, within 2 years, has won 23 Beauty Awards and is available through premium retailers such as Net-A-Porter, Liberty and Space NK. Claire wants to communicate directly and clearly with her customers and the judges recognised how she does this through all the detailed science information, films, blogs and showcasing our press.

    We are so proud of Claire and everything she has achieved in such a short time and it is wonderful for her to be recognised by her peers and mentors across the beauty industry. A huge thank you to CEW for this award and for all the support this incredible organisation has given to Claire and the team - we are planning to celebrate all weekend!


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