What are Sound Baths? As part of our Let’s Get Together series, Aurelia is joined by author, beauty founder, and sound therapist Jasmine Hemsley for an Instagram Live sound bath!


If you’re new to sound baths, Jasmine suggests thinking of them like a form of meditation. Sound baths use instruments to foster deeper connection to a personal inner world. No bath water in sight. Basically, an instructor, or sound therapist, will use bowls made from different crystals and gemstones along with cymbals and gongs in their creation of a meditative space. Their repetition of notes at different frequencies can guide a listener to obtain deeper levels of meditation.

There have been numerous studies done to show the links between music and health benefits. Although you shouldn’t use meditation or sound baths as a replacement for medication, harnessing sound to heal the body has been used for thousands of years. 
Enter: Sound baths. 

While there’s less research on the health effects of sound baths, participating in a sound bath is just one way to reach deeper meditative states, where benefits are backed by research. And since many people find it difficult to meditate, joining a sound bath can just be one tool to try to achieve these desired benefits. 


Individuals or large groups can participate in in-person sound bathing sessions. Think of yoga classes with an instructor at the front guiding participants through the practice. You’re more likely to find studios offering these experiences in large, urban cities. To provide these benefits while we’re socially distanced, Jasmine is uploading sessions right to Instagram.

If you missed our Instagram Live with Jasmine, don’t worry! You can easily go to her page (or click on the video below) for another opportunity to join virtually. Wear what feels comfortable, maybe what you’d complete a yoga flow in. Then sit or lie down to meditate during her instruction. 

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Ready when you are!. . Tonight I’ve got a virtual hangout planned with friends – but don’t worry here’s a prerecorded 25min guided sound bath meditation for you and your family with alchemy crystal bowls, gong, chimes and thumb drum. Please share with anyone you think might need this – time out to tune in. . Don’t forget to make yourself comfortable and cosy, if possible wear an eye mask/cover your eyes to help settle you more quickly and heighten the soundscape sensation? Remember – have no expectations – see what comes up for you and let it unfold. Have a gorgeous weekend everyone and see you tomorrow on my Insta Live for #SundaySlow at 8pm UK with vedic meditation teacher @thesusanchen. . More Soundbaths available on my IGTV ?. . #meditation #saturday #weekend #lockdown #soundbath #singingbowls #crystalbowls #soundscape #gongbath #livinglavidaveda #ayurveda

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You can time these pre-recorded sound baths on Jasmine’s IGTV just right and fall asleep to them. Change into loose clothes and complete your skincare routine. Jasmine suggests placing a glass of warm water next to your bed. Then just slide between the sheets and press play. 

For additional self care we recommend applying our Overnight Recovery Mask before starting the sound bath. This way you can peacefully drift off with Jasmine and awaken to glowing skin from this beautiful, hydrating and soothing product.


You can follow Jasmine on Instagram to keep up with her self care routines. And make sure to follow along as Aurelia brings inspiring content from a distance! 

Keep taking care of yourself and washing hands!

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