Now’s a great time to start a Sunday skincare session. 

If there’s one thing that helps us feel calmer and more prepared for the week ahead, it’s a little bit of skincare on a Sunday evening. Now the nights have officially drawn in and we’re spending more time indoors than ever, being mindful to dedicate regular time each week to yourself is an important part of regulating your mood. Here’s our current line-up to give you some inspo to start your own.

The first step is our Miracle Cleanser alongside the soft bamboo muslin cloth that’s nestled inside the box. The creamy formula gently purifies, removing any traces of make-up and pollution. When used in light, circular motions the bamboo muslin also helps boost circulation enhancing your skin’s glow. 

Next, apply a little of The Probiotic Concentrate™ which harnesses the power of probiotics alongside other botanicals and ingredients to support the body’s natural processes. As your skin is most actively engaged in repairing itself while you sleep, it’s a good idea to use products that support it before bedtime. 

For an extra boost in these colder months when skin can start to become drier, there’s our beautifully nourishing Cell Repair Night Oil. Its serene scent peppered with notes of neroli, lavender, rose and manderin helps to alleviate feelings of tension as you massage it into the skin. 

Filled with nourishing shea butter and Aurelia’s signature probiotic ingredients, the rich texture of our Overnight Recovery Mask feels soothing yet special. Leave on overnight and wake up to skin that looks rested and replenished – an achievement in itself for a Monday morning!

Finally, this is *technically* not skincare but we do think a great night’s sleep is essential for a great start to the week (and your skin, too). So if you’re struggling with that a little bit at the moment, our Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist might help you drift off easier. It’s a beautiful blend of steam-distilled neroli, lavender, geranium and chamomile infused into rose quartz charged water. Try a few spritzes over your bedding before bed to help you switch off.

What does your Sunday skincare session look like? Share with us over at @aureliaskincare #aureliaskincare

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