While some people may experience sensitive skin right from childhood, your skin can become ‘sensitised’ at any time in your life. In fact, up to 70% of people believe they have sensitive skin because there’s such a broad range of different concerns. While anyone could potentially experience it, some of the reasons behind sensitivity might surprise you. That’s why we’re here to give you the low-down on some of the causes and things to look out for. Plus, some solutions that could help to calm down your complexion. 

What does sensitive skin look and feel like?

There’s no one definition, you could have just one sign or a combination of a few different issues. But for many it’s underpinned by a sense of irritation and reactivity. For some their concern is dryness and flakiness, whereas for others it’s all about redness. Random breakouts, rashes and bumps can also pop up unexpectedly. Sensitive skin is generally super prone to the effects of the sun, so if you find yourself burning very easily that could be a key clue. 

What causes skin sensitivity?

There are lots of different factors that could be behind your sensitivity, which can make it hard to pinpoint – especially when it comes out of the blue. But anyone who’s experienced sensitivity for a long time may be dealing with underlying conditions like rosacea or eczema. 

Fragranced products can be an aggravating factor, but diet and stress can cause flare-ups, too. 

At different points in our lives, hormonal fluctuations can play out across our skin and cluster in particular areas (blemishes on the chin, we’re talking about you). 

But another cause that many of us have lived in a city before know all too well is pollution. Whether you commute in or just live in an area with lots of traffic, it can be one of the biggest daily aggressors your skin faces, clogging pores and disrupting its natural defences. 

Something that’s also coming into play as we speak is a change in weather. The seasonal switch-up to cooler days and heated homes can deplete moisture levels in your skin and leave it feeling irritated. 

Then of course, there’s the thing no one saw coming… maskne. With face coverings becoming an integral part of daily life this year, many of us are now experiencing unexpected irritation on the lower half of our faces. 

How can you soothe my sensitive skin? 

Keeping moisture levels balanced helps to keep sensitive skin in check, so if you’re WFH these days it’s a good time to invest in a humidifier. With the air being drier and cooler outside too it’s a good time to switch to a more gentle formulas that are less harsh when it comes to potentially stripping your skin of its natural oils. Our go-to right now is our creamy Miracle Cleanser. Follow with products blended with hyaluronic acid that help lock in hydration like our CBD Super Serum. 

Targeting signs of inflammation is one of the main goals of managing sensitive skin, so reach for probiotic-infused formulas. The Probiotic Concentrate™ can be mixed with your favourite serum, facial oil or moisturiser for an easy way to integrate probiotics into your routine. 

If you think city grime could be what’s behind the congestion and dullness you’re currently experiencing, try our whipped Brightening Anti-Pollution Mask. It’s been expertly designed to help remove impurities that build up throughout the day and restore your glow. 

And finally, we all know there’s few things better for you or your skin than a great night’s sleep. So maximise your complexion’s natural nightly repair processes with our replenishing Overnight Recovery Mask

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