Probiotics are known as good bacteria for a reason. From balancing the digestive system through to supporting overall health, we’ve been obsessed with their amazing properties for years now. Which is why we were the pioneers behind using them in skincare. The unique probiotic technology infused into our products helps to soothe the surface of the skin while targeting concerns like pigmentation, loss of elasticity and hormonal breakouts. 

But you might have also noticed that our supplements are under the brand name Aurelia London! This new name reflects a more holistic approach to making you feel beautiful inside and out, naturally. 

Our refreshed focus begins with new Beauty & Immunity Support Supplements to enhance your skin and support  your immune system. The unique triple-strain blend of live cultures infused into these gluten, allergen free & vegan capsules, delivers 24.5 billion CFU (colony forming units) safely through your digestive tract to reach and rebalance your gut microbiome.

You might ask; what does a gut microbiome have to do with my skin? EVERYTHING.

If you consider that inflammation is the cornerstone of most health issues, including skin sensitivities, then it is imperative we improve this internal relationship with a wealth of rebalancing bacteria. Consequently, probiotic activity strengthens the communication from within the body to our skin barrier so it becomes less triggered by environmental aggressors.

Our bespoke beauty blend of probiotics have been specifically selected to target, prevent and even reverse signs of damage. Each strain is unique and amplifies your natural beauty; boosting hydration, reducing hyperpigmentation and improving skin elasticity whilst collectively supporting overall immunity with an abundance of antioxidants.

Our  supplements integrate seamlessly  as part of a renewed skincare regime  and harness the power of live probiotics to naturally bring your skin to life

Remember to check with your doctor before introducing new supplements into your wellbeing regime and that any products you use are to boost a healthy diet, not replace it.

Have probiotics been a game-changer for your skin? Share your thoughts with us at @aureliaskincare #aureliasupplements

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