The simple definition: Probiotics are microorganisms. The good kind!

Your body is home to trillions of microorganisms that interact daily. Your skin serves as an ecosystem for thousands of bacteria. Probiotics are the kind of bacteria that promote skin health in ways like reinforcing the skin’s natural barriers, protecting against diseases, and balancing pH levels. 


First, the benefits of probiotics in the body are backed by extensive research. Numerous studies of probiotic effectiveness depict very promising results. Your skin already produces this great bacteria, but adding probiotics can increase their benefits. Probiotic users see reduced acne, faded scars, decreased inflammation, and a decline in signs of aging. 

We need probiotics to heal. The problem starts with stripping our skin of this great bacteria. By using harsh physical exfoliants and washes, our skin can be stripped of these naturally-occurring oils and microorganisms. This reduction creates skin imbalances as your cells react to the loss. However, using a gentle cleanser and probiotic treatments can save (and encourage!) the growth of more good bacteria.

Infusing your skin with topical probiotics can increase the benefits of your skin’s good microorganisms. This balances your ecosystem and gives your skin a leg up against fighting the bad bacteria we encounter daily. By adding topical probiotics you are continuously building your skin’s natural immunity and resiliency.


In addition to skincare, your diet is a great place to start adding probiotics. Topical probiotics do to the exterior what ingesting edible probiotics can do for your internal functions. 

Try incorporating foods like kimchi, kombucha, tempeh, and yogurt into your weekly eating habits to encourage healing from within. One easy switch is adding kefir, a fermented probiotic product usually using goat’s or cow’s milk, to your afternoon tea. You can also easily brew kombucha at home and drink it regularly! Infusing your diet with probiotics can reduce internal inflammation and help your body regulate any bad bacteria.


After hearing so many requests, we’ve made it easier than ever to add our signature probiotics into your skincare routine. Not only have we launched our Probiotic Concentrate in a larger, 30ml size, we’ve created the new The Icon Collection to help you save on your favorite duo!

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WASH: Start by cleansing the skin with Aurelia’s Miracle Cleanser. We’ve made sure this cleanser is tough enough to remove your day, but gentle enough that it won’t strip the skin of the good bacteria we’re trying to protect. Apply a coin-sized drop of the product to fingers and massage into the skin. Try using one of our Bamboo Muslins to remove any product.

BALANCE: Next, tone the skin with our Brightening Botanical Facial Mist. Just shake the formula and apply several spritzes to the skin. This will give your skin a balanced, even playing field for the probiotic treatment.

PROBIOTIC CONCENTRATE: Using one of our Probiotic Concentrates from The Icon Collection, press 3-4 drops into the skin. This super-serum boosts collagen production, heals pigmentation, and continually teaches your cells how to add more of that good bacteria.

TIP: Because this product is fragrance-free and very compatible, you can also use the Probiotic Concentrate in combination with your favorite Aurelia products, like our serums, to maximize results.

ADD OIL: Like we mentioned, you’ll want to give your face the best chance at skin hydration and retaining good bacteria. Regulate facial oils by adding our Balance & Glow Day Oil into your routine. Just pump 3 drops onto your fingers and sweep this product into the skin.

MOISTURISE: Finish off with our Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser to lock in your skincare routine. Apply a small amount and your skin will quickly absorb this lightweight, but powerful, product in no time. 

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