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Meet Aurelia Probiotic Skincare`s Founder Claire Vero

Claire Vero

"I wanted to create beautiful skincare that surpassed the highest expectations of modern women. I chose to put revolutionary probiotic science at the heart of the range and as one of the first to innovate probiotics into skincare our science remains unique to this day.

We combine probiotics with ethical, sustainably sourced BioOrganic ingredients to make all women’s skin glow.”

What is my skincare mission?

My founding mission was to introduce a new concept in skincare, which remains unique to this day. Highly effective, transformational probiotic skincare, made in Britain, with the purest of BioOrganic ingredients sourced sustainably from around the world.

Why did probiotics inspire me?

Having spent nearly 10 years at the forefront of pharmaceutical excellence, I saw and discovered a great deal. Once I learned about probiotics and the difference they could make to the skin, I wanted to use these unique ingredients to continuously protect, restore and balance the skin from within. I left, empowered to create products that harnessed the power of probiotics, used in a new way, delivered alongside formulations that were natural, ethical and sustainable.

Our technology is advanced and works to calm the natural immune triggers in your skin which can be overstimulated by pollution and stress. Our probiotic ingredients reduce the damage these immune triggers cause to collagen, elastin and healthy cells and activate the skin’s natural ability to repair itself and boost the natural process of restoring collagen, elastin and healthy cells.

We DON’T contain live bacteria or work on the skin’s surface microbiome – we believe there is a much better, more advanced way.

We are different to all other probiotic skincare brands and have made this beautiful two minute animation to explain how. Please take a look!

What am I most proud of?

I launched Aurelia Probiotic Skincare in 2013 and led the probiotic revolution, helping women to think about using probiotics in a different way. We started changing perceptions of scientific-led skincare that’s formulated naturally, delivering transformational results to our customers, which remains unique to this day.

We have had huge support for our mission. Since 2013 we have achieved over 1,900 press articles globally, over 100 key industry and consumer awards and countless reviews and letters from our treasured customers.

Who is Aurelia Probiotic Skincare for?

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare isn’t based on skin type classification and prescription but instead is designed to be responsive to the physiology of the skin’s need. Watch and observe your skin and layer our products as you need them; no one month is the same for our skin with pollution, stress, hormones and seasonal conditions constantly challenging the status quo.

I developed the brand for women who are serious about investing in their skin today, and for their skin in the future. Those who seek natural skincare and actively want to avoid unwanted, questionable ingredients but who simply won’t compromise on efficacy or luxuriousness.

Our customers are often passionate about aromatherapy and love that we use the finest essential oils for a moment of mindfulness and an indulgence with every use.

Our customers vary in age and skin type. Women often start using Aurelia in their twenties when they have identified the need to step-up their skincare; they might be suffering from skin concerns, dehydration or the early signs of ageing.

For those with more mature skin, Aurelia is perfect to nurture as it changes through the years. We all see the effects that pollution, stress and environmental factors can have on our skin. Aurelia focuses on helping to minimise these effects.

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Thank you so much for your time and passion for discovering more about Aurelia Probiotic Skincare.

Claire Vero x

Claire Vero Aurelia Probiotic Skincare
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MADE WITH LOVE in England from seed to skin using the purest, BioOrganic, ethically sourced, cruelty-free ingredients to make your skin glow.

MADE WITHOUT a long list of questionable ingredients, including sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and MI to name only a few.