As it gets colder outside and we all think about turning the indoor heating up a few more degrees, it could be a good time to start switching to a different cleansing regime. What you’re using right now might have worked perfectly for you in the warmer months, but depending on your skin type, you might notice concerns like dryness and flakiness suddenly popping up. Here’s the products and accessories that we’re reaching for right now. Plus, a couple of tips to help keep your skin feeling happy as the chill sets in. 

Our creamy Miracle Cleanser gently lifts away make-up and impurities for brighter-looking skin. You can leave this on for five minutes as more of a treatment too if your complexion needs a little extra attention. A reminder here that the water you use to cleanse shouldn’t be too hot – especially if your face is already feeling dry. As tempting as it is to warm up that way, it can stress out your skin and no one wants that. When you’re ready to remove the cleanser, try one of our Bamboo Muslins. A more sustainable alternative to wipes and softer than some alternative cloths, they help give you a more effective clean without being too harsh either. They’re also a great way to promote circulation, especially when used in circular motions across the skin. 

If flaky skin is starting to be a concern for you, try our Refine & Polish Miracle Balm as a mask a couple of times a week after your new cleansing regime. It’ll help you buff away dead cells, revealing the fresh skin beneath.

What are your go-tos when it comes to cleansing in winter? Share with us over at @aureliaskincare and #aureliaskincare

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